Our Trainers & Instructors


Joy loves Pilates, after years of attending classes herself and experiencing the many health benefits and results she was looking for, she decided to leave her job in the corporate world and train as an instructor herself.

Having trained with STOTT Pilates, she went on to further train on the Pilates Reformer and specialise in pre and post natal pilates.

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As well as teaching group classes at Pilates Klinik, Joy also has experience of teaching clients on a personal one to one level, helping to create a fun and rewarding programme to suit individual needs.

Joy is also a fully trained and qualified Massage Therapist and takes regular bookings at Pilates Klinik. She specialises in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. A keen Reiki practitioner too, Joy likes to incorporate Reiki healing with her massage treatments giving her clients a feeling of complete well being.


James teaches reformer Pilates as well as being a sports massage therapist. He is also a keen golfer and is working with golf enthusiasts to strengthen their game with the help of Pilates.

Pilates Klinik now boasts a team of leading therapists that tailors bespoke programmes for individuals and leading city companies. These include Sports & Remedial massage, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Hellerwork, Nutritional Advice, Hypnotherapy, Fitness & Wellbeing.

James is passionate about a ‘free range’ philosophy towards fitness and lifestyle solutions.


Rosaria is a passionate & inspirational Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. Since discovering her passion for health and fitness several years ago, she left her career as a city high-flyer to dedicate herself to building and developing an extensive results focused repertoire of training methods under  the Pilates Klinik brand.

Under the expert guidance of Rosaria, Pilates Klinik has developed organically due to its immediate popularity from a one to one personal training session at Pilates Klinik – to become the first choice for clients seeking the best results in health and fitness.

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Rosaria discovered Reformer Pilates on her travels in the US and now she incorporates the best of her PT training with her Pilates background to tailor her own unique brand of intense Reformer training which focuses heavily around pure Pilates movements.

She imparts her unique and inspiring philosophy centred on the integration of fitness, nutrition, and behavioural changes, empowering each client to define and reach personal goals, both physical and psychological. A beautiful body but also a beautiful and happy mind – both best achieved through ‘Free Range’ fitness!

As well as being a mother, teaching classes, private clients and co-running Pilates Klinik, Rosaria is developing a Health Coaching practice. Her mission in life is to help people get healthy and fit and believes that self-empowerment is the basis for a positive and happy life.


Having enjoyed practicing Pilates for many years, Wendy decided to train as a teacher after noticing the many health benefits and positive body changes the Pilates method can offer. She qualified initially with the respected Body Control school in Central London. Wendy teaches from both a remedial and fitness perspective – her classes providing a challenging work-out, while focusing on releasing tension, strengthening and aligning bodies and concentrating minds. Wendy is also qualified in all aspects of pre and post-natal Pilates. When not teaching at Pilates Klinik, Wendy also runs her own Yoga & Pilates studio in Peckham Rye – www.gaiatudio.co.uk

Ralph and Jay

The adorable long haired sausage dog duo who act as concierge at Pilates Kinik. Their job is to put a smile on your face and judging by results they are world beaters! Always ready to greet our Clients with a lick and a inquisitive sniff. Ralph will appear aloof at first, he is just testing you! Jay loves Love, give him lots.