The Klinik’s Barre classes are whole body workouts using the traditional ballet barre, pilates, yoga moves to lift your bum, tone your thighs, strengthen your core and sculpt your arms as well as graceful ballet movements to help elegance and posture.


Here at The Klinik, our fitness services offer just the right balance of fun, professional advice and fully qualified supervision, all in a great environment for exercise, which is fit for your purpose.

Our fitness focus includes several established disciplines, with classes and individual training for Pilates and more recent practices which are proving popular on the fitness circuit:

  • Barre – A combination of the best elements from Pilates, yoga and ballet, Barre fitness sessions involve creating postures which include repetitions of small movements which focus on specific muscle sets to benefit posture, toning and muscle definition, flexibility and weight loss.
  • Kettlebells – This recently revived weight training system has actually been around for decades and involves whole-body workout routines which include the swinging of hand-held weights. Kettlebell workouts offer cardio, strength, toning and coordination benefits.

You can take several routes to fitness with The Klinik, depending on the best-fit for your routine or budget:

  • Fitness classes – class sessions are offered as small classes of up to 6 only so that every participant is guaranteed individual attention and correction from the instructor. Our small class sizes not only create a motivating class community, they also create greater opportunities for discussing personal fitness goals or aims with the instructor, making quick results more achievable as there is a greater focus on your progression – it’s like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.
  • Private fitness sessions – with a dedicated instructor, private fitness sessions are ideal for individuals who prefer privacy or a more personal focus. Private sessions can be offered across any of the fitness disciplines we offer and include time with the instructor to create bespoke training packages and personalised workouts.

If you’re not sure where to start your fitness campaign, if you’ve reached a plateau with your progress or if you have a specific fitness or training need, please ask one of The Klinik staff about how our fitness services can benefit you.