Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is completely a 100% natural state of mind. When people experience hypnosis for the first time the feedback is always that the client felt ‘completely and utterly relaxed’ a feeling where you just feel an overwhelming sense of comfort, a feeling you’ll just want to last and last and last. By attaining this level of relaxation and with the help of a trained hypnotherapist you can achieve your goals by working with the subconscious part of the mind and adding positive and life changing suggestions, thus becoming healthier, more confident, happier, a non-smoker, what ever it is you want.

Hypnotherapy can treat issues such as:

Quit Smoking, Anxiety, Stress Management, Phobias, Habits (nail biting etc), Fear of Flying, Confidence Building, Ego Strengthening, Public Speaking, Insomnia, Weight Loss, Post Natal Weight Loss plus many more.

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